About Bar Chaud

Bar Chaud is a place of discovery, fun and games at Brussels Park. From 26 to 30 August there will be free workshops, skate classes, jams, battles, performances and DJ sets every afternoon.

Bar Chaud is Brussels’ warmest stage, and first found its feet at the festival site of Boterhammen In Het Park and Feeërieën last year. It turned out to be extremely popular, and so we are once again bringing a whole host of activities to Brussels Park.

TimissBX’elles, BRUZZ DJs, Maria IskariotSMR and Ucci Why supply the good vibes. Timiss is a grassroots organisation working with and for the street community, setting up events, supporting youth initiatives and advocating for more accessible (cultural) spaces with greater diversity and representation.

BX’elles are female skateboarding royalty in Brussels. Their founding mission is to convince other girls and women to skate with them. And at Bar Chaud, they will be teaching everyone how to skate, no matter your gender, age or skill level!

Almost every day of the week, Bar Chaud will top things off with music on stage: Maria IskariotSMR and Ucci Why will each take charge of proceedings for 20 minutes. Hot, hotter, hottest! Join us in singing, dancing - and stopping just short of taking the roof off. On Friday, Bar Chaud’s grand finale will be the ultimate battle between skaters and dancers. Join us to show them some love and propel them to victory!