Feeërieën celebrates its 20th edition this summer

This summer, from August 26th to 30th, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our free summer and discovery festival, Feeërieën. We spread our wings over planet Earth, with more than fascinating artists from Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Syria, France, Libya, Kenya, Portugal, and, of course, Belgium.

We meander musically between Angolan kuduro and Portuguese grime. We surf from politically inspired South African jazz to feminist Moroccan aïta (lamentations). We revel in atmospheric Japanese folk songs and Belgian neoclassical splendour. We take uppercuts from hard-as-nails Kenyan, black metal-influenced noise/hip-hop and Belgian punk and installation art. And finally, we bathe in an amalgam of krautrock x Arabic maqams and Kurdish x Syrian traditional songs.

Find out more here about Ichiko Aoba, Guy Van Nueten, Lord Spikeheart, Youniss, Dienne, Asher Gamedze Quartet, Aïta Mon Amour, Mohammad Syfkhan, SANAM, Sheherazaad, Nídia, DJ Danifox en XEXA.

With the support of the Brussels Capital Region, de Stad Brussel, Sabam For Culture, Liveurope and Bolt.